Intro image to music video I want my problem back by Moonshine (Official Music Video)

Music Video – I Want My Problem Back – Moonshine

The new video for Moonshine is out!

We created another Timelapse Video Version, but this time about two country-singer in the big hectic world of Vienna. All locations are found in the lovely center of vienna and can be walked in a day.

But long story short, watch the video here

Countries and states in the world

Full country and state list

SpirIT provides a complete list of countries and states for working with. Simple clone the git-repository and use the json file or simply import it to your database.

The list contains 250 countries and 3.752 states.

Available on GitHub: https://github.com/stefanbinder/countries-states

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Making of - Timelapse over Leon on the hill

Timelapse & Hyperlapse of Leon

We were taking around 10.000 pictures for the last 3 month for capturing a video with a length of 2m 24s. The result is fantastic – the video presents all the important sights and places in Leon, Spain.

Leon is a really amazing city, where Tapas are for free, a huge cathedral rises over the city and the sky is always blue (bad for my timelapse). But Leon provides much more of activities and life then tapas and the cathedral. The spanish temperament isn’t holding back in that calm and nice city. There are markets, events, fiestas and a lot more during the weekend – the bars are filled and people enjoying their spanish life – Viva España!

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myStudentjob Logo - finde deinen Studentenjob, Absolventenjob oder Praktika


myStudentjob.at is the new way to search for your perfect job. Innovative and easy you find studentjobs, graduated jobs and internships. Typical features like jobalert, create your online cv and so on are implemented.

The administration for companies is easy and quick, they can handle all their resources of jobpositions, users, addresses, applications, media and general informations in their tool. With its frontend editing it is unique and innovative.

But what else is so special about myStudentjob? The user can apply with one click applications and can create their own application videos! Make your pitch to your favourite and new company.

Protify Promobox Create html boxes as wysiwyg

Promobox Management Tool

The management tool allows to create and edit promoboxes which are included in other webpages as ads. The create and edit view is implemented as wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) box. You are creating your boxes on the fly and you get immediately how it will looks like.

That promoboxes can be included via script-tag or iFrame. As well, the administrator have the possibility to change the style of the box on the fly.

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